The tulip growers’ collective

We are ColorPack

Our belief in strength in numbers prompted several tulip forcers to form a partnership back in 2008. Working together, they trade their tulips in bulk and supermarket-ready packaging from October to May.

Six tulip forcers, two packing sites, and 200 million tulip stems a year. We operate efficiently and sustainably in order to handle this volume and ensure consumers are able to buy our tulips as fresh as possible.

Our supply chain is as short as possible, we package at source, and we prefer our tulips to be delivered from growers’ premises. We do everything to provide an A-to-Z solution for our customers. To view the gallery of sample products, please refer to our products page.

Corporate social responsibility

We guarantee that our tulips are grown in a socially responsible manner. Being in possession of the right certifications, keeping each other up to the mark on sustainability, and embracing the latest innovations are part and parcel of this.

All of our growers hold a G.A.P. certification and have a 100% GRASP score. Our packing locations hold a Certificate of Conformity   
(COC, No 4063061108845).

Our growers keep each other up to mark on sustainability by regularly getting to grips with topics such as crop protection use, energy consumption, working conditions, and waste disposal.

Tulip ECO-Pack

Sustainability and innovation are our top priorities. Harnessing the latest innovations and developments helps us to keep our environmental impact as low as possible. The ECO-Pack is one example of an innovation by a member of our team.

The ECO-Pack was designed to reduce unnecessary paper consumption. Instead of wrapping the tulips in paper, they are rolled into the ECO-Pack. Thanks to this development, ColorPack alone saves over 100 tons of paper. But beyond these savings, we are also efficient when it comes to transport and labour. We have reduced our operations while increasing the number of flowers in a pack.